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One of the best hair loss treatment in 2016 is biotin. Biotin is a vitamin belonging to the family of B vitamins are water-soluble.

When the deficiency that may arise excessive hair loss. If that is important to note that this is not so common.

In case the hair loss is caused by low indeed Biotin, this can be solved easily by providing biotin body through certain foods or artificially.

Foods that contain biotin are eggs, liver and internal organs, found in yeast baked breads and spoke different, cereals and more.

Biotin helps set the body metabolizes fatty acids regard scalp so very essential for healthy hair.

The body receives a supply of biotin, naturally through food, as well as by the production of certain bacteria in the gut. In rare situations, due to diet or digestive problems severe (such as illness celiac, compassion car and ulcerative Aoltzrozh) may be produced shortage of biotin in the body which cause among other things hair loss.

Another connection between biotin deficiency is hair loss Biotin deficiency can cause seborrhea, skin disorder that causes scaly appearance, fats scalp and hair loss.


• Zinc:

Zinc is an important renewal of body cells and tissue growth. A zinc deficiency may result in hair loss. Normal consumption of zinc for an adult is 15 mg per day.

Poisoning: may cause suppression of the immune system activity, loss of other minerals (such as calcium, iron, etc.).

Zinc - increases the production of keratin (the material that makes up hair and nails and reduces hair loss) and inhibits the enzyme 5 alpha - reductase, the enzyme that makes it difficult to supply nutrients through the capillary root hypothesis vitamin B6 - line - an enzyme essential for the synthesis of keratin. Releases the male hormone's doomed Dhidrotoststron dht hair root binds and reduces its activity.

Cysteine and Methionine - a sulfur-containing amino acids that make up keratin stimulating growth of hair and nails.

Vitamin b5 and biotin - a combination regulates seborrhea effect as well as a positive effect on the inhibition of hair loss.

Vitamin B12 - essential as a coenzyme in response to the passage of homocysteine to methionine amino acid.

• Iron:

The main role of iron in the body is to carry oxygen in the bloodstream to all cells in the body. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss. A normal dose for an adult is 18 milligrams a day. You can consumption without a doctor's prescription.

Overdosage side effects are liver damage and heart, an acute condition usually appears accompanied by diarrhea severe abdominal pain.

Other drugs:

There are a lot of products for dealing with baldness, the products are medicines taken orally, shampoo preparations and tinctures for external use (ointments school), but so far only two products received medical clearance and those selling their operation are: Hminoksidil and Hfroftzih. Authority to approve them is the - food & drug administration) FDA), the most respected organization Food and Drug approval in the United States. Drug tested over several years by hundreds or even thousands of patients, during the tests were also assessed the efficacy and side effects caused by them.

The findings of the tests led to the approval of their use by the general public. Other products may be useful but did not receive approval - FDA.

Minoxidil (a drug that helps to lower blood pressure)

Solution for external use, contains 2% to 5% active ingredient minoxidil (minoxidil) material intended HAIR GROWTH balding areas of the head and hair growth acceleration factor.

Usage is recommended: For external use on the scalp twice a day. The product is intended for men and women with a concentration of 5% Minoxidil is only for men, while a concentration of 2% Minoxidil also good for women.

Expected effect of the drug: approximately three to four out of ten users are expected to increase the amount of hair on their heads and another part of the user is expected to slow the pace of balding. The results are instant and can be evaluated in part only after four months of use, the full results can be assessed only after a year of use of the material. Side effects are: redness of the scalp and skin irritation, but they rarely apply when used correctly and in preparation immediately stop using this medicine with a recess.

It should be noted that the use of this medicine is a kind of addiction, because once discontinued it will lose the results obtained by its use.

Propecia (Propecia)

This drug is sold prescription at the pharmacy, the main action is to cease and the slowing of hair loss. The active ingredient is called Finstriid (finasteride).

The drug is sold in the form of pills 1 mg - the amount of which proved ideal before starting amount of 0.3 mg and higher, but the results are the same as cough dosage increased risk of side effects. The material is intended for men only, since the mechanism operates Ho hormone - male.

The drug was originally intended sufferers spend an enlarged prostate (hypertrophy of the prostate gland), but the patients which reported a significant improvement in appearance hair, decided the company that makes them take advantage of the full potential profits inherent in the drug and now the same medicine sold to treat baldness only to the dose (1 mg ball as opposed to 5 milligrams ball for treat patients with prostate problems.

H"frofsih "works by preventing the activity of the hormone to blame Dihikrotstostron is a product of the male hormone testosterone, and a major factor common male baldness. Laboratory tests reported approximately 83% of patients on preserving existing hair and of these about 64% reported increase in the number of hair.

The main side effect of the drug is: decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, but this phenomenon has been reported in only about 2% of patients, you can always stop using the drug to stop this side effect.

Other drugs:

The following drugs are used to treat hair loss and some are recommended by dermatologists but do not have FDA approval for the treatment of hair loss:

Tretinoin (Ratin a)

Trtinoin is a prescription drug given alone. The active ingredient tretinoin, is a derivative of vitamin A synthetic. Recommended concentration is 0.025%. Makes the renewal of skin cells and is usually used for acne problems and the treatment of wrinkles (received FDA approval in problem solving activities wrinkles) use of the material is applied topically. The material is sold in pharmacies only in Israel to treat acne. (

The material is effective when used in conjunction with minoxidil to increase its penetration of the active ingredient - Minoxidil (minoxidil), the roots of the hair.

The side effects of the substance are stimulated increased the scalp, while use of the material should avoid exposure to the sun, so the recommended treatment is used only at night in this area, as in many others there are a lot of rumors about plants and natural materials in their power to help stop hair loss and some even claim to grow hair . But, now found evidence for the rather limited number of such plants and materials.

Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

• Sue Palmetto - saw palmetto

Type of palm that grows Nancy shores of America. Proof of efficacy in the treatment of prostate - just as in the case of medicine profession. It contains active ingredients which prevent its conversion of the male hormone - Dht, the same substance that causes the hair root, dropping sensitive, shrink and fall. There are few studies to prove the efficacy of a plant extract in treating male hair loss and even found a number of encouraging results, but still no credible authority has not given its approval for the plant's effectiveness in preventing dropouts.